Irresponsible birth-rate combined with growth of uneducated population threatens human civilisation
Krasimir Valchev, Minister of Education of Bulgaria
In this day and age, a sizeable portion of humankind has moved past food supply issues. The deadliest epidemic diseases have been completely eliminated or significantly curbed. Those two developments allow for the physical survival of large families, even if they are uneducated or, more specifically, even if they do not need the higher pay that comes with being educated. A Polish scientist identifies uneducated mothers as the biggest threat to humanity’s future. It is not a potential nuclear war, a meteorite striking the Earth or even climate change.
The high-level Paris meeting on managing people flows from Africa still falls far short of resolving the issue
Lush gardens and gold-festooned state rooms were the setting for the leaders of France, Italy and Spain, and EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, to gather and talk migration with the presidents of Chad and Niger and the prime minister of Libya's unity government. The proposals in the Paris meeting's official declaration, released after the conclusion of the joint sessions, contain promising language about local economic development and the need to promote retraining and alternative livelihoods for smugglers and others involved in the movement of migrants. Additionally, Emmanuel Macron's government appears keen to look more closely at integration between the Maghreb and the Sahel. The declaration repeatedly referenced not just the need for economic development in the region, but also the necessity of providing economic alternatives for migrants as well as local communities that have benefited from smuggling economies that have grown along with the recent wave of trans-Saharan migration.