Officials in Skopje seek rational solution to find a way out of the name problem by July
Greece and Macedonia agreed last Tuesday to make a renewed effort to settle a dispute over the latter's name which has been dragging on for decades and holding up its aspirations of joining the EU, news wires reported. In the last years, Athens has repeatedly blocked the ex-Yugoslav republic's attempts to join NATO and has put obstacles to its EU membership bid, because it says the name Macedonia implies a territorial claim over Greece's own northerly region of that name.
Britain, France, Germany plead for US to preserve nuclear pact
Iran says it has arrested dozens on suspicion of “terrorist activities” during a recent wave of protests. The official IRNA news agency on 10 January carried a statement from the Intelligence Ministry saying security forces confiscated arms and explosives from “safe houses” kept by the detainees.
Seoul sought unsuccessfully to raise the Pyongyang's nuclear programme, but the two sides reached a deal for North Korea to participate in next month's Winter Olympics and agreed to hold military talks, providing a small opening to the stalemate on the peninsula.
Moldova tackles foreign propaganda
Moldova passed a law last Wednesday aimed at combating “disinformation or manipulation of information from abroad,” thus tightening state control over foreign media influence.
Unrest erupts in Tunisia over austerity measures
Peace demonstrations in Tunisia against price hikes, following austerity measures including increased value-added taxes and social security contributions, escalated in violent unrest last week.
Israel tables broad plan to evict African migrants
Israel tabled last week a plan aimed at evicting thousands of Africans who have entered the country illegally, news wires reported.