A Sofia exhibition presents works by Mary Ellen Mark
Penka Momchilova, BTA
Images from the sets of Apocalypse Now, Sleepy Hollow, Satyricon, Tootsie, Planet of the Apes, Babel and other films will be presented in the first Bulgarian exhibition by Mary Ellen Mark - one of the most prominent names in documentary and portrait photography. For the past 50 years, she has been travelling the world, capturing some of the 20th century's most important cultural and subcultural phenomena through the prism of humanism.
If all people pick up a violin instead of a weapon, the world will be a much better place
Boryana Kolchagova
How wonderful it would be if such things actually happened! All I can say is that I was born on 1 October 1949 under the zodiac sign Libra. In astrology, Libra is the symbol of harmony and I believe this meaning reflects reality, even though I do not read daily horoscopes all that often.
Ancient cultural gems are presented in the National Gallery
A collection of 62 artefacts of extremely high cultural value were presented last week in the National Gallery in Sofia under the title The Golden Fleece. The Quest of the Argonauts.
Monastery that was sanatorium
Adelina Lozanova
One of the lesser known Bulgarian monasteries, the Batkun cloister “Sts Peter and Paul” is nestled between the northern slopes of the Rhodope Mountains, some 12km southwest of Pazardzhik. Believed to have been established in the 12-13th century, the monastery shared the fate of most Bulgarian spiritual centres in the late 14th century when it was destroyed during the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans.
Artists from Milan and Sofia interpret identity
Identity between Symbolics and Colours is the title of the contemporary art exhibition that was opened on 20 March at the Academia Gallery in the Bulgarian capital Sofia.
Sistine Chapel comes alive in mega show
Mega live show, titled “Universal Judgment”, dedicated to Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel, was for the first time presented at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome on 15 March and will last for at least a year with two shows per day.
Turandot opera performed with puppets
For the first time in the history of opera art in Bulgaria, Puccini's popular opera Turandot will be performed with puppets on the stage of the Stara Zagora State Opera on 29 March.
A to JazZ Festival returns
The international A to JazZ Festival will have its eighth consecutive edition in Sofia. Between 6 and 8 July, one of the biggest and most anticipated music events in the Bulgarian capital will take place on its traditional location in the beautiful South Park II where, once again, the organisers plan to attract to its green lawn a huge crowd of fans of jazz and its offshoot genres.