• Structures of thought

      Structures of thought

      Works by leading contemporary Austrian artists, including photography, video, paintings and sculptures, are part of the Structures of Thought, an exhibition hosted by Sofia's Structura Gallery. The Austrian Embassy in Sofia co-organises the event with the Gallery.

    • Journalist mastering crochet

      Journalist mastering crochet

      Her practice with a microphone was not in vain - the journalist is very skilful with crochet hooks as well. Vesselina Bozhilova, a career TV journalist, is getting into a new craft - she crochets dolls. During the last year, she devoted her leisure time to crocheting toys. This hobby helps her relax after a busy day full of all kinds of events.

    • Bulgarian artists transform Berlin

      Bulgarian artists transform Berlin

      The Bulgarian artists from 3D mapping MP-Studio made it to the winners' stand at this year's Festival of Lights in Berlin. They have won gold in a special category - Let's Create Better Future. The contest was held on the emblematic 368-metre-tall Berlin TV tower. The Bulgarian show qualified for the finals getting ahead of 18 other productions presented by seven countries, and after the vote of the audience the winner production was The Flow, the show created by the Bulgarian artists.

    • Restless transitions

      Restless transitions

      Goethe-Institut Bulgaria is presenting the Restless Transitions exhibition by German artist Katharina Veerkamp and Bulgarian sculptor Radoslav Maglov. This is the second collaboration between the two artists, who earlier this year showed their project Solids & Voids at the SittART gallery in Dusseldorf.

    • Bulgarian artists take over Barcelona

      Bulgarian artists take over Barcelona

      Eight Bulgarian artists are taking over Barcelona. These are Ivan Dodov (water-colours), Simeon Krastev (posters, portraits, paintings), Emil Penchev (sculptures, paintings), Tsvetan Donkovski (ceramics, paintings), Ilian Stoyanov (woodcarving, water-colours), Mariana Mateva (illustrations, applied arts, paintings), and Ilza Hristova, aka florizi (applied arts, jewellery, paintings). The group is led by Gabriela Zhekova (prints, paintings), organiser of plein air practices in Bulgaria and abroad.

    • Banksy painting shreds itself after $1.4m sale

      Banksy painting shreds itself after $1.4m sale

      One of Banksy’s best known works of art ended up going through a shredder on Friday, just seconds after it auctioned for a whopping $1.4m. As the auctioneer’s hammer came down on Banksy’s Girl With Balloon stencil at Sotheby’s in London, the artwork began making a strange noise, catching the attention of those gathered in the room. What happened next took everyone by surprise.

    • Poem-roaring lion unveiled in Trafalgar Square

      Poem-roaring lion unveiled in Trafalgar Square

      What does artificial intelligence have to do with a 150-year-old lion statue in London’s Trafalgar Square, you would probably ask? Good question. But Google’s never been one to let cognitive dissonance stand in its way. Today in partnership with British designer Es Devlin, the search giant took the wraps off “Please Feed the Lions,” an exhibit on display as part of the London Design Festival.

    • Kalin Nikolov: Do not be afraid of AI

      Kalin Nikolov: Do not be afraid of AI

      Creating art, as unique as that process is, has its psychological patterns. There is a certain reflexive element to it whenever a person is creating shapes, be it in painting, writing poems, or imitating nature through some kind of visuals. I think there will come a time when machines will be able to perform these acts just as well as us. And we will be locked forever in the argument whether this is real art or not, artist Kalin Nikolov says in an interview to Europost.

    • MoMA transported to Bulgarian village

      MoMA transported to Bulgarian village

      There are no and could never be limitations to art. This notion is reinforced by Katarzyna Piryankova and Ventsislav Piryankov from the Polish city of Poznan, who have turned the village of Staro Zhelezare near Plovdiv into an outdoor museum, an art centre and a veritable graffiti hub. This is the only village that is a branch of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, they quip. A true avant-garde space!