• Matter over matter

      Matter over matter

      An exhibition entitled Matter over Matter will be opened at the Goethe-Institut in Sofia on 4 September in the presence of the Bulgarian-Greek team behind it and the featured artists. It is among the projects funded in 2017 by the Project Fund of Goethe-Institut's Cultural Management Academy in Sofia, Bucharest and Thessaloniki.

    • Christie's to auction first AI-generated art

      Christie's to auction first AI-generated art

      A painting created by artificial intelligence will be auctioned at Christie's in New York for the first time. It is expected that the sale will fetch around $10,000, news agencies reported, as quoted by BTA. The name of this unique work is Portrait of Edmond de Bellamy, and it is one of the several portraits of a fictional family created by three 25-year-old Parisians. They have employed an algorithm with a data set of 15,000 portraits made in 14th-20th centuries.

    • Odilon Redon's ambivalent world

      Odilon Redon's ambivalent world

      The Kroeller-Mueller Museum sheds new light on the oeuvres of French artist Odilon Redon. The famous Dutch museum exhibits 167 of his works - pastels in combination with watercolours or oil paintings, drawings and lithographs. All works are donated by prestigious public and private collections. The exhibition offers a panoramic view of Redon's artistic leanings and reveals the role of literature and music in the evolution of his visual world.

    • Rodin gift to Monet sold for 108,000 euros

      Rodin gift to Monet sold for 108,000 euros

      A small sculpture given by Auguste Rodin to Claude Monet was sold at auction in Cannes on Wednesday for ‎€108,000, fetching more than its estimated price of ‎€80-100,000. The two 19th-century artists were born just two days apart and were close friends.

    • Hockney to become most expensive living artist

      Hockney to become most expensive living artist

      David Hockney, the 81-year-old British painter of landscapes and portraits, could become the most expensive living artist at auction, after it emerged that one of his masterpieces could be sold for the very least $80m, smashing the $58.4m paid for Jeff Koons’s Orange Balloon Dog sculpture at Christie's in 2013.

    • Ska album cover reveals Banksy identity

      Ska album cover reveals Banksy identity

      Few people know Banksy’s closely guarded true identity, but many have speculated that Bristol resident Robin Gunningham is the man behind the anonymous street artist’s infamous moniker. Now, a print of a drawing by Gunningham is being auctioned by online art brokerage My Art Broker, and the rare piece is enticing speculators to wager $5,242 on the name, in the hope that they might get their hands on an original Banksy and finally find out the truth.

    • Vans releases a Van Gogh-inspired fashion line

      Vans releases a Van Gogh-inspired fashion line

      Skater brand Vans has teamed with the Van Gogh Museum to launch an artfully designed collection by utilizing Van Gogh masterpieces across iconic Vans Classics and premium apparel silhouettes. Due to launch in August 2018, the Vans x Van Gogh Museum collection features sneakers, t-shirts, and jackets that have been printed with some of the prolific artist’s most recognizable paintings.

    • DONAUcartoons arrives in Bulgaria

      DONAUcartoons arrives in Bulgaria

      The House of Humour and Satire museum in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, presents the itinerant exhibition DONAUcartoons. It was created on the initiative of the Consortium of Danube Countries and presents 10 authors from the Danube region whose cartoons interpret cultural, economic, environmental and social life in the countries in the Danube basin.

    • Petar Pironkov: Painting is an indescribable magic

      Petar Pironkov: Painting is an indescribable magic

      I want people to immerse and find themselves in the piece, because an artwork is more than meets the eye. As human beings inhabiting a world that is utterly mercurial and full of easily accessible information, we have realised that our senses are limited. We sense a different presence and seek it out, we communicate on an energy level. We are creatures of energy; we produce spiritual energy.