European Commission

    • EC adopts €4bn cashflow package

      EC adopts €4bn cashflow package

      The Commission announced on Tuesday a large Cohesion Policy investment, worth €4bn and targeted at 25 large infrastructure projects in 10 Member States, the EU press service reported. The package involves Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal and Romania and covers a wide range of project areas: health, transport, research, environment and energy. With national co-financing, the total investment amounts to €8bn.

    • Tuberculosis: Prevention is still needed

      Tuberculosis: Prevention is still needed

      On the World Tuberculosis Day taking place on Sunday 24 March, the European Commission aims to raise awareness about the burden and prevention of tuberculosis as well as to mobilise efforts in the fight against the disease. Although every hour, 30 people are diagnosed with tuberculosis in Europe, overall, the decrease in tuberculosis cases observed in most countries is reassuring. Still, sustained efforts are needed to reach the 80% reduction target in the tuberculosis incidence rate in 2030 compared to 2015.

    • EU to reject ban on Huawei

      EU to reject ban on Huawei

      The European Commission will call on EU Member States next week to share more data to tackle cybersecurity risks related to 5G networks but will reportedly ignore US calls to ban Huawei Technologies, four people familiar with the matter told Reuters on Friday.

    • Supporting media literacy to keep pluralism, values

      Supporting media literacy to keep pluralism, values

      Only half of the population know to distinguish true information from false on the internet. Only a fifth of the adult population over 35 have been educated in fact checking online. This data from the survey 'Swedes and the internet 2018' and the projects that aim to change this situation were among the many different cases presented at the high-level conference on media literacy in Brussels. It was hosted by the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel.

    • Security Union builds up

      Security Union builds up

      The EU's Security Union is slowly building up with 15 out of 22 legislative initiatives agreed so far, the Commission said in its latest report. However, some of the key proposals, such as terrorist content online and the European Border and Coast Guard, still require urgent action if they are to be closed before the European Parliament elections in May 2019. Furthermore, prior to the elections, it is of utmost importance to redouble efforts to fight disinformation and boost electoral and digital resilience.

    • Clean energy infrastructure gets €750m

      Clean energy infrastructure gets €750m

      The Commission released last Wednesday €750m of funding for key European energy infrastructure projects with major cross-border benefits. Supporting the construction of necessary infrastructure, contributes to the Commission's energy policy priorities of improving energy security, whilst giving consumers more choice, and spurring economic growth and jobs.

    • Commission launches online tool to ease cartel reporting

      Commission launches online tool to ease cartel reporting

      Whistleblowers will be able to report suspected price-fixing without showing up at the offices of the EU's antitrust regulators as last Tuesday the Commission launched new online tool aimed at make it easier for companies to tackle the issue, the EU press service reported. “Users of eLeniency can directly provide corporate statements and upload supporting documents on a dedicated secure server of the Commission,” the EU said.