• Musiс rising among the dead

      Musiс rising among the dead

      Deep in one of New York's most prestigious cemeteries, the eerie vibrations of a string concerto ricochet off catacomb walls, a seance of sorts invigorating the spirit of classical music. Media reports regularly warn of the genre's impending doom, but Andrew Ousley, who founded the cheekily named "Death of Classical" series, says the obituaries are beyond premature.

    • Digital art enchants Sofia

      Digital art enchants Sofia

      The seventh edition of the International Digital Art Festival will take place in Sofia next week, from 22 until 26 October. Organised by the National Academy of Arts and the DA Lab foundation, DA FEST [7] will feature a wide range of exhibitions; audio-visual, theatre and VR performances; video art projections; lectures and presentations; workshops and concerts, revealing a plethora of explorations and art practices in the field of digital art.

    • European writers awarded Nobel in literature

      European writers awarded Nobel in literature

      After a gap of one year the Literature Nobel returned on the stage last Thursday with Poland's Olga Tokarczuk and Austria's Peter Handke awarded the 2018 and 2019 prizes respectively, news wires reported. Two Nobels were awarded this year after last yearчs prize was postponed over a scandal. Since then, the Nobel organisation has appointed new members and reformed some of its rules after a rare intervention by its royal patron, the king of Sweden.

    • The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices triumphs in Skopje

      The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices triumphs in Skopje

      The latest tour of the Bulgarian women's choir The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices made a triumphant start in Skopje on 8 October. The choir presents its latest album BooCheeMish, recorded together with Lisa Gerrard. The spacious and beautiful acoustic hall of Skopje Philharmonics, inaugurated two years ago, was too small to accommodate all music lovers who wanted to enjoy the art of the Bulgarian singers and the Australian icon of Dead Can Dance.

    • Art from Germany exhibited in Plovdiv

      Art from Germany exhibited in Plovdiv

      Travelling the World is the largest retrospective exhibition of works from the collection of the German Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA). It comprises 320 works by 90 artists from Germany and covers the period from the 1950s to the present day. The exhibition is a comprehensive survey of the trends and the most notable representatives of the artistic world in Eastern and Western Germany.

    • Sibyl tells a story of mystique and glamour

      Sibyl tells a story of mystique and glamour

      At a collective exhibition in Brussels, Bulgarian artist Valentin Kovatchev is displaying two new pieces from his iconic cycle 'Sibyl' along with other paintings, etchings, drawings and small sculptures. The place is well known for the art lovers in the Belgian capital - BRIGIT gallery at 36 Rue Rollebeek, a narrow walk that stems from the vibrant Place du Grand Sablon.

    • Dolora Zajick: Bulgaria has great voices

      Dolora Zajick: Bulgaria has great voices

      You have had such great artists as Ghena Dimitrova, with whom I have worked together, same for Raina Kabaivanska. But my impression is that there is something like a break assessing the Bulgarian vocal school. Every talent must be brought to light and developed. Money is needed to develop the so many talented singers that you have, people need to do their job well, Metropolitan Opera star, mezzo-soprano Dolora Zajick says in an interview to Europost.



    • Attractive and ordinary

      Attractive and ordinary

      According to Roman author Pliny the Elder, who lived in the 1st century AD, the earliest painting known to mankind was done by a woman. Her name was Dibutades and she traced the lines of her sailor lover's shadow as thrown on the wall of her home. The female presence, this elusive and boundless energy occupying a distinct space in art, is now showcased in a way that is different from the Dibutades story, thanks to The Woman in the Oeuvre of European Graphic Artists of the 19th and 20th Centuries - an exhibition at the National Art Gallery “Square 500” in Sofia.