New College mandate starts

Ursula von der Leyen: Europe is something that we all have to build – brick by brick, day by day

Photo: EU Ursula von der Leyen

There could be no better day for the new College of Commissioners to begin our work than this anniversary, said Ursula von der Leyen, EC President, whose term of office begins today, at a ceremony in Brussels on the 10th anniversary of the Treaty of Lisbon and the start of the mandate of the new College of Commissioners.

Starting today, we are the guardians of the Treaties, the custodians of the Lisbon spirit, she said in her first speech on the new post, adding that she feels a “responsibility towards our predecessors, our founding fathers and mothers, and all that they have achieved." But it is also a responsibility towards our children, the responsibility to leave them a Union that is stronger than the one we have inherited, von der Leyen noted.

Europe is something that we all have to build – brick by brick, day by day, she pointed out.

Europe is changing fast and our responsibility is to accompany such change, to leave no one behind, to be a champion for our fellow Europeans – with their dreams and aspirations, the new EC President urged.

At the ceremony hosted by European Parliament President David Sassoli in the House of European History took part also European Council President Charles Michel and European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde.

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