Stars of Music Moves Europe revealed

The award ceremony was held in Groningen, the Netherlands

Hungarian group Harmed

Last night, during a vibrant award ceremony at the Stadsschouwburg of Groningen, the Netherlands were revealed the winners of the 2020 Music Moves Europe Talent Awards, the EU prize for popular and contemporary music.

The eight stars this year are: Meduza from Italy, Norwegian ‘girl in red’, Dutch Naaz, Anna Leone from Sweden, Pongo from Portugal, Harmed from Hungary, 5K HD from Austria and Flohio from the UK.

Aside from being in the jury’s selection, 21-year old Naaz also won the Public Choice Award.

The eight winners were selected out of sixteen nominees by an international jury of experts from the music industry. The votes for the public prize, were received online.

This was the second edition of the EU prize for popular and contemporary music, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme. It recognises the success of rising stars who have managed to reach audiences outside of their own country.

Commenting on the initiative, Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth said that thanks to this EU award, are supported young European talents by offering them recognition , resources and training to help them find a place on the international stage.

In addition to the trophy, each winner received a reward worth €10,000, including tour and promotion support as well as tailor-made professional training in workshops, conferences and festivals. The winner of the public prize received €5,000.

After the festive celebration of the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards, the public had the opportunity to discover these riring talents live as each nominee performed as a part of the Eurosonic Noorderslag showcase programme in Groningen, one of the biggest European festivals.

Hungarian band Harmed was formed early 2017 in Budapest. The motivation for the members was elevating a hard, dark and captivating musical style to a completely new level. The first album From Day One came out at the end of 2017 and 2019 saw them bounce back with new single Jester and fresh determination.

Milan natives Meduza are taking the electronic music world by storm with their moody, melodic and energetic remixes and productions. Their debut record Piece of your Heart is hotly anticipated amongst the cognoscenti of the dance scene.

Girl in red is a project of Marie Ulven, 20, from Horten in Norway. From beginning in her bedroom, teaching herself to play the guitar and piano and to produce her own music, in less than a year the project has grown exponentially. Songs like Summer Depression, Girls and new single I'll Die Anyway show her talent.

Flohio is a British-Nigerian artist, rapper and songwriter from South London who builds on the blueprint of UK rap and pulls in references that span the brelectronic music. Her single Watchout was dubbed Best New Music by Pitchfork, while her first album solidified her reputation as one of the UK's most important genre-bending voices.

Supergroup 5K HD consists of Schmieds Puls singer Mira Lu Kovacs and Kompost 3. Without laptops they create a trip through jazzy, dubstep and breakbeat worlds, with effortless funk riffs and prog rock acrobatics, while never losing touch with pop.

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